What if we could predict demand?

Archimedes is a geographical analysis tool for predicting performance across different regions. Retailers use Archimedes to forecast new store sales, banks use it to evaluate branch performance, and governments to plan targeted social programs.

Organization OPI Analytics
Years 2013-2017
Users Fortune 500 Government
Roles User Experience User Interface Product Management

From Scratch

As founders of the product team at OPI Analytics, we recruited the design and front-end engineering teams, tested value propositions en route to a minimum viable product, and guided Archimedes through dozens of subsequent releases.

Annual Churn 4.5%
Annual User Growth 358%
Predictions Made 22.1K

User Insights

Discovery User Needs Assessment Competitive Benchmarking
Design Prototype Studies Visual Perception Research
Launch User Metric Analysis Contextual Interviews

01. Give One Answer

Business users are overwhelmed by massive dashboards. They want concrete indicators that answer their questions directly. Only then do they care to understand the supporting evidence.

02. Provide Context

The fact that 870 students live within 5 minutes of a potential store location is meaningless without a point of reference. Users need to be able to compare that number to existing stores.

03. Don't Get Too Fancy

Go with the classics—the bar charts, the line charts, the scatterplots. Maybe even a choropleth map. Your average person has never heard of a radar chart. They probably can’t interpret one either.

Key Features

Bleeding-Edge Measurement

Public, private, social, and mobile. When combined, these sources give Archimedes the power to measure consumer preferences, competitive behavior, and economic activity for any city block in the country.

Map Map Map
Location Status Projected Annual Sales

Human Intuition, Machine Learning

Gut instinct versus number crunching. Man versus machine. How outdated. By augmenting users’ subjective opinions with thousands of data points, Archimedes yields predictions at half the standard margin of error.


Competitors, KPIs, revenue drivers—each vary from company to company. Archimedes comes custom fit. Users see data specific to their strategy and predictions tuned to their historical performance.

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